HTML Body <body>

For the convenience of the user, the web browser displays all the text within the HTML document body.

To select which content to display to the public, you must insert the body tags and around all of the content.

Only the text inside this tag will be visible to the visitors and anything beyond it will not.

This is helpful in that you’re HTML document can use other tags to provide information to search engines for example that are hidden to the user.

This is the premise of some of the meta tags, such as Meta Description.

With the help of the and the tags, you have the beginnings of a fully functional web page.

This says a lot about how simple HTML is to use!


The HTML body tag is the main section of the page which is visible to users.




Content of the page goes here.

This content will be visible to users.



Required Attributes

  • None

Optional Attributes

  • None

Core Attributes