HTML Bold <strong>

The HTML strong tag is the correct way to bold any text on your web page.

Traditionally, HTML 4.0 allowed us to emphasize text in the form of italic <i> and bold <b>.

These have now been replaced by emphasis <em> and the strong tag <strong> for bold.

These tags are a direct replacement of the traditional ones.


The easiest way to bold text in HTML is to use the HTML strong tag.

Alternatively, you can also use the <em> emphasis tag if you want the text to stand out.

Examples below.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- This is the stylesheet John created in 2020 -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/file/stylesheet.css">


<p>Welcome to my webpage and <strong>paragraph 1.</strong></p>

<p>I have so much to say I'm going to need <em>a lot of paragraphs!</em></p>




Welcome to my webpage and paragraph 1.

I have so much to say I’m going to need a lot of paragraphs!