HTML Title <title>

The HTML <title> tag is visible at the top of the web page.

It helps the user generate a short page heading or title.

It is different from the main body of the document.

It appears on the web browser, at the top of the screen as a title of the page.

For example, the title of this page is “HTML Title Tag <title> | Beginner's Guide To HTML” which is the content sitting in the title tag.

These are the small and detailed areas of designing your web page.

This tag also helps the user easily flip between tabs, as they can read at least a portion of the title when they have multiple tabs open in the web browser.


This title will appear in the browser title bar and will also appear in search engine results. Also referred to as SEO meta title.




<title>Your web page title goes here</title>



Content of the page goes here.



Required Attributes

  • None

Optional Attributes

  • Profile: Indexing related description, no impact to the user

Core Attributes